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The Passport

Nate's Passport is a new program of the Nathan Yip Foundation aimed at equipping youth with the tools to think philanthropically.

Unlock and ignite your child's passions by creating easy tasks for them to give back in their community.

Participants will each receive a passport book that they can fill with records of various tasks and activities that they complete. Then, at upcoming educational events and trainings (put on by the foundation), they will bring their passports in for review and to receive stamps for tasks completed.

Tasks and activities will be themed for the 3 T's of Philanthropy: Time, Talent, and Treasure, showing that there are many different ways to give back.

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About Nathan and the Nathan Yip Foundation

What inspires a person to give? To give to a person you’ve never met, or a community you’ve never been to? For us, it is our son, Nathan.

We founded the Nathan Yip Foundation in 2002 in memory of Nathan. Growing up, Nathan dreamed of starting a nonprofit organization to help kids get a better education. He was fortunate enough to travel with us and attend the best schools. He recognized that he had more than many kids in this world and wanted to share his gifts with others.

We’re creating this program to inspire the next generation of givers; to show you that by igniting your passions and giving back to what you care about the most, you can inspire others through your actions and make a difference in your community.

Linda & Jimmy Yip


Nathan Yip Foundation

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