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Why are we starting the program?

This program is inspired by the life and legacy of Nathan Yip, the namesake of the foundation. Nathan Yip was a young man filled with compassion for the world. He had a dream of helping youth through providing access to education. As the Nathan Yip Foundation was founded in his memory, we feel it is only fitting to equip the new generation of philanthropists with the inspiration and tools to give back at their greatest potential.


This program is our way of passing the torch of giving from our founding members and Friends of Nathan Yip young professionals group in order to build a pipeline for future philanthropic work. We're using this as an opportunity to teach youth the importance of giving back and show them that if they have something to give, no matter how small and humble it may be, they too have the power to make the world a better place.


Who can participate?
This program is intended for youth ages 10 to 13. Parents and/or adult champions will be invited/encouraged to attend all sponsored events and trainings.


You will use your passport as a guide to doing tasks and activities to make your community a better place. All of the fields are blank so that you can come up with your own ideas that fit with your passions.


Pages are categorized to follow the Three T’s of Philanthropy: Time, Talent, and Treasure. See the individual pages for a reminder about the types of tasks and activities that fit into each category.


Collecting stamps

Once you have completed a task, you will write a short description of what you did in your passport. Then you'll write a few words about what you did. How did it feel? Were there any challenges or difficulties? Are there any lessons you learned? Any fun stories?


At the next sponsored training event or group activity, turn your passport in to a volunteer for review and to earn your stamp(s).


As you learn about philanthropy and giving back you’ll be completing various tasks and projects. As you complete these tasks you will earn fun rewards and prizes to incentivize you along the way. Rewards will change from year to year, based on annual sponsors.


Service project

Once you have completed your first year of sponsored trainings and events, you will get to design and complete your own service project. You may choose to do this on your own or with up to 3 friends in the program (max group size of 4 people).


Identify a cause you are passionate about and come up with a project to help. This project can be giving your Time, Talent, Treasure – or any combination of the three.


Work with a parent or adult champion to come up with a project plan to submit to the Nathan Yip Foundation for approval. Your proposal should include:

  • Who:

    • Who are you helping?

  • What:

    • What you will do to help?

  • When:

    • Timeline of tasks to accomplish and deadlines.

  • Where

    • List of locations, meeting places, and/or venues (if any)

  • Why:

    • Why you are passionate about this and why does this cause need your support?

  • Other:

    • Budget (if any) and list of resources and/or support needed.


Once approved, start work on your project! All projects must be completed by the date specified by the Nathan Yip Foundation.


Once your project is completed, submit a 1-page written reflection and any supporting photos, video, and/or crafts. You will be invited to present this at our program-end celebration. At this point, you will receive your final stamp and reward.

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